We arranged the pottery and fabric, which is the origin of Gion zeppe piccorne, which created Picon.
It is developed as a lifestyle brand for the next generation in the theme "Picon daily".





Born in 1926 as the son of Naples Potter. Since he was a little boy, he went to his father's workshop and was fascinated by the world of ceramics, and succeeded his father. In Napoli, many pianist Catholics, there were many occupations in the profession. It is the origin that made the character of the priest which he drew in the motif.

Dedicated to ceramic art, open his ow
n Pottery Workshop on the island of Nazia in Naples Bay. Ischia is an island with rich nature in southern Italy, which has been loved as a hot spring island since the Rome period and has greatly influenced the creation of the Giuseppe. I created the world of Picone with a color that makes bright southern Italy that the sun pours in the ceramic that makes warmth with the material different from the delicate porcelain.

After that, it was the first step to the fashion business of Giuseppe piccorne that he was recommended to print an illustration from his customer textile designer. In 1960, he moved his home base to Rome to open a shop. It is exhibited in the modet fair. The hand-printed T-shirt which had a pleasant picture using the priest motif became popular, and "Picon" started the sensation all over the world, including a resort in nice and Monaco.